Workshop Sessions at OMG Conference 2014 - OMG Social Media Conference

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During OMG Social Media Conference you’ll be able to attend 4/8 workshops which are split into 2 different sessions: Morning & Afternoon. We encourage you to take a look and choose which ones you’re most interested in attending beforehand. Once you get to the conference, you’ll need to sign up for your selected workshops as they are filled on a first come, first served basis.

Morning Session Workshops are all about Zero “In – Attract and nurture fans” and they are led by David Reeve (@unleashculture), Daryl Louie (@daryl_louie), Michelina Teti (@michelinateti) and Joe Wozny (@joewozny).

Check them out below:

  • Culture and Storytelling: The key to building an amazing brand
  • The Laws of Attraction: Building and engaging your loyal social media community
  • Creating Lifetime Guests
  • Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Model



Afternoon Session Workshops are led by Ada Juristovski (@adajuri), Emily Chow (@emilyschow), Damon Holowchak (@damond) and Tia Kelly (@lil_tea) and they expand on “Score – Convert fans and drive sales”.

Check them out:

  • Social Selling: Never make a cold call again!
  • The Social Side of Search Engine Optimization: Content and SEO strategies for the savvy business owner
  • Why You Can’t Score on Social Media Without Landing Pages
  • Serving Your Customers the Right Way on Social Media


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