Become a speaker

Every year, OMG Social Media Conferences features incredibly passionate, innovative and influential speakers. If you want to be part of the magic, let’s chat!

What we look for in speakers:

  • You can inform, inspire, surprise and delight attendees
  • You’re part of an influential and admired organization
  • You’re an industry leader in digital marketing
  • You want to develop content with tangible takeaways
  • You can keep attendees engaged for 50 minutes
  • You have experience teaching or training

Create an impact in the community

Your thought leadership will guide passionate marketers from all different industries to success! Make a difference by helping people transform their digital marketing strategy.

Get recognized as an industry leader

As one of our conference speakers, we’ll feature your name and face everywhere! Gain recognition for being a digital marketing expert and influencer by spreading new ideas.

Be involved every step of the way

By joining our team, you’ll feel a sense of ownership by developing meaningful content and shaping the feel of the conference. We highly value your opinions and suggestions!

Collaborate with other great minds

While working alongside other awesome speakers and our organizing team, you can expect to make bonds that will last a lifetime and find other opportunities along the way!

Got the passionate and knowledge to be an OMG speaker? Let us know!



Some of our previous speakers


Commonly asked questions

What are speakers responsible for?

All of our speakers are responsible for producing original, engaging and practical content. Additionally, Main speakers and workshop speakers need to also create worksheets that will be printed inside the conference delegate package as a workbook or handed out individually.

A liaison from the OMG Conference team will be available to answer questions during the production of the presentations and workbook content. The speaker will have to be the thought leader and the chief producer of content for his/her presentation and workbook space. 

What is the time commitment of becoming a speaker?

As a speaker, we request that you attend all promotional events and take advantage of all opportunities that are available with our partners, media supporters and sponsors. You will also be asked to attend pre-conference run-throughs and conference team meetings 1 or 2 months prior to the day of conference. On the day of conference, you should also be available for the speakers panel, the duration of your own session or track, and for the networking period following your presentation in order to answer questions from attendees who choose to approach you.

Can I become a speaker if I live outside of the local area?

We welcome anyone who is interested in speaking at our conference to apply! However, you will have to arrange your own travel and accommodations as our conference is only in its second year. We depend on the knowledge, support and resources from the change makers in the community to be able to pull off an amazing conference every year.

If you have any questions, email us at

Are speakers paid?

No, speakers are not paid. Empowering small business owners is at the heart of everything we do and we depend on the knowledge, support and resources from the change makers in the community to be able to pull off this conference. All of the organizing team members are unpaid as well and all profits made from the conference goes back into funding future events.

To express our gratitude, we will do our best to give our speakers full exposure and other perks.

What type of exposure will I receive as a speaker?

In the past, speakers have been featured in educational articles within large organizations, magazines, blogs, promotional videos, pre-conference launch events, infographics, and more.

Take a look at our list of media appearances from last year.

What experience should I have prior to applying?

We are looking for speakers who have an educational spirit and an understanding of social media and small business trends and needs. Speakers with interactive and hands-on presentation experience and have spoken publicly for 2+ years are preferred. We understand that not all candidates will have relevant experience or are not as seasoned as others, therefore, we are also supportive of enthusiastic speakers who want to build a reputation for themselves.

Who were the past attendees?

To learn about our past attendees, head over to our sponsors page.

Who were the past speakers?


  • Cijaye Depradine, author and speaker, Cijaye Creative
  • Crystal Henrickson, community builder, community manager and coach
  • Mary Crowe, market engagement manager, Whole Foods Market
  • Michelina Teti, local digital specialist at lululemon athletica
  • Damon Holowchak, marketing director at Donnelly Group
  • Ada Juristovski, program lead, 1-1 coaching at Hootsuite
  • Emily Chow, principal of Chow Communications
  • Tia Kelly, social strategist at Unbounce
  • Joe Wozny, CEO of Concentric
  • Daryl Louie, director of social media marketing at AntiSocial Media Solutions
  • David Reeve, chief culture warrior at Unleash Culture
  • Bosco Anthony, digital marketing strategist at
  • Conner Galway, digital marketing director at Junction Creative Solutions


  • George Moen, past president of Blenz Coffee, co-founder of Rapid Time Networks
  • Andrea Goertz, SVP, Strategic Initiatives, Chief Communications & Sustainability Officer at TELUS
  • Conner Galway, director of Junction Creative and digital media teacher at Capilano University
  • Meena Sandhu, marketing manager at ING Direct, director of social media at BCAMA and instructor at BCIT
  • Krishna Lakkineni, president of ROI Media Works
  • Bosco Anthony, entrepreneur, international speaker and business growth strategist
  • Dennis Pang, CEO of Popcorn and CEO of Motive8 Media
  • Stephanie Wiriahardja, community manager at Hootsuite
  • Nicole Van Zanten, social media coordinator at Vancouver Canucks
  • Cijaye Depradine, author, keynote speaker and inbound digital marketing strategist
  • Nick Routley, partner and creative strategist at Popcorn
  • Ryan Whyte, digital advertising director at Junction CS
  • Richard Loat, founder of Five Hole for Food
  • Megan Rendell, community manager at Village&Co
  • Cassandra Murphy, community manager at Village&Co
  • Dylan Hrycyshen, community development coordinator at Small Business BC