About OMG (Online Media Generation)

The passion behind OMG sprouted from a love of the internet and its endless possibilities. It’s an ever-expanding place where you can learn anything, connect with anyone, and share instantly. Advancements have created innovative technology, new behaviours, and globalization.

The internet has changed everything we do and is advancing faster every day. How can companies compete without transforming their operations to leverage online tools? The reality is: they can’t. The advancement of digital marketing requires all businesses to adapt, or get left behind.

Being both marketers and consumers ourselves, we want to help marketing teams overcome challenges and be able to communicate with people in captivating  and valuable ways.

OMG Social Media Conference brings together a community of digital marketers passionate about challenging the status quo, sharing solutions, and discovering bold new ways to engage the world. Featuring industry-leading speakers, our full-day conference enables community members to learn new strategies and tactics to drive engagement like never before and generate powerful results.