About OMG

Online Media Generation (OMG) is a community of small businesses owners and marketing experts coming together to simplify social media. We believe that it’s crucial for small business owners to leverage social media for their brand in order to stay competitive – even if they don’t have a business or marketing background. Our annual one-day conference educates, inspires, and provides tangible takeaways for local businesses owners to develop their online strategy starting from the foundation. Funds raised from the conference will go back to fund a bigger and better conference for future years so we can exponentially help more small businesses in need.

Our Story

After attending different social media conferences and events around Vancouver, we got a sudden idea to start our own social media conference because all of the events we attended – had something missing. We knew that planning a conference was a huge challenge to take on, but we felt that we had the right vision for it – to create a different kind of social media conference.

They need help

From attending the events, we saw what a huge problem social media was for many small business owners. They understand their industry but probably don’t have a background in marketing. This makes it quite difficult for them to gain exposure and compete against corporations. We want to support these local entrepreneurs because they’re already taking the initiative to learn more about social media and trying to do more for their business.

Specific content

We felt that the content at these events weren’t what small businesses needed to hear. They have little to no social media knowledge so they want to know the nitty gritty, step by step instructions. But most times, people walk away feeling inspired with new ideas that never get implemented or scribbled notes that are never referred to again. So we want to provide a conference that focuses on the details of implementing and managing social media platforms.

Tangible takeaways

Workshops usually consist of 20 or so people, but we wanted to bring the workshop structure of interaction and hands-on learning to a larger audience. Therefore, all the conference attendees will receive a workbook which speakers will walk them through in filling out. By the end of the day, everyone will walk away with practical takeaways and their social media strategy already figured out. In addition, the last session of the day is a business case analysis, which allows attendees to apply everything they’ve learned to help local businesses solve social media business concerns. This also fosters a community where small businesses can turn to each other for help.