OMG Social Media Conference

Our conference educates, inspires, and provides tangible takeaways for marketers to transform their digital marketing strategy.



LEARN from the experts

Our speakers are the best of the best! Get inspired, discover something new, and absorb essential marketing knowledge.


APPLY new insights

Walk away with practical marketing strategies and tactics that you can apply to your business right away.


IMPROVE marketing results

Impact results in a big way. Get advice on common social media challenges and see your marketing efforts improve!

"I took away a long list of valuable lessons! Thanks again and you guys did an amazing job! #OMGConf"

− Jan (@JanGalvez)

"Our heads are full of ideas this morning after workshops by @michelinateti @unleashculture @lil_tea at #OMGConf!"

− Tradable Bits (@tradablebits)

"Awesome 26 hours in Vancouver @ #omgconf...I feel infinitely smarter"

− Rebecca (@RMaynes)

"Thank you @OMGmedia for an awesome conference today! Fantastic speakers, great delegates, amazing sponsors & a pretty tasty lunch! #OMGConf"

− Jenn (@Jenn_Wint)

"Fantastic #OMGConf. Takeaways- be relevant, be organic, don't be a robot and social media=community. Love that best."

− Kim (@Pop_SocialMedia)

"My mind is racing just thinking of everything I learned at the #OMGConf. Thanks again @OMGmedia & speakers. Time to synthesize my notes!!"

− Joel (@THOMfooled)

"Wrapping up @OMGmedia and so freaking inspired by the speakers & everyone I met. Vancouver's got some awesome peeps! @OMGmedia #OMGconf"

− Jamieson (@JamiesonEileen)

"A sign of a good speaker is you're too entertained and engaged to take notes. Great session with @DamonD! #OMGConf"

− Txotx Basque Imports (@Txotx_Basque)

"In awe of @unleashculture's workshop at #OMGconf learning about culture, storytelling and building an amazing brand @OMGmedia"

− Talk Shop Media (@TalkShopMedia)